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Lead Paint Abatement and Treatment System

The Lead based paint treatment method used by Canadian Lead Paint Treatment Specialists Ltd., is an effective proven system of lead paint abatement which actually reduces the lead level in lead paint (a lessening of the danger and hazards associated with exposure to a substance) using an uniquely patented ability to treat the lead within the paint to below hazardous levels, paint on interior and exterior surfaces, allows for a much safer and lower cost option than other traditional method of dealing with lead paint on buildings, structures, bridges, power plants, demolition projects, historic buildings, concrete and other areas were lead paint is present.

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Benefits of using our treatment system of lead paint abatement to our clients, workers and the environment.

  • We use environmentally sound products.
  • Can provide up to a 95% reduction in Lead hazard.
  • Protects the building structure and the occupants
  • Generates less hazardous dust and fibers during the system application.
  • Saves up to 30-50 % over the cost of replacing, removal and disposal.
  • Paint it on leave it on
  • Typically will meet non-hazardous waste disposal criteria to provide a significant savings as non-hazardous waste especially in
  • northern remote communities.
  • Seals and treats lead dust and lead in paint with a fast and easy application.
  • We protect our workers, our clients and the environment.

Now Servicing Canada.

Our System uses an In-situ Treatment Method to treat the lead within the paint.

Our System is not a replacement, enclosure, encapsulate or removal system.

Our Services

Lead Abatement/Treatment of Lead Paint containing materials

Hazardous Material Survey

Pre-Demolition Hazardous Material Surveys

Inspection and testing of lead paint

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